In order to get your business on the web, you will need a web hosting service that gives you great solutions. Web hosting is now more than getting space on a server because your business requires many other solutions such as customer support, user friendly control panel options, and website building tools.

With many web hosting platforms competing to offer you hosting packages, it can be tricky knowing which service will give you the experience and utility you are looking for. Through this digital marketing and hosting blog, we shall help you understand the key features of hosting service providers, below is a discussion of some of them.

Website Builder

Building a website is no longer about being a pro or a beginner. As a matter of fact, web hosting providers ought to give you the tools necessary to enable you create a website for your business. Before opening discussions with a particular host, you should first check whether they have an integrated website builder.

Modern website builders give you numerous templates to help you create professional looking and polished websites for your business. You do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money hiring professional designer because the drag and drop functions will get the job done.

Control Panel

When running a website, your objective is to spend as little time as possible trying to figure out where certain administrative options are. This is why having a control panel that is well integrated will help you get things done quickly so that you can concentrate on your other business functions.

A good control panel should allow you to control the various aspects of your website and locate features with ease all in one location. Look at how the host groups related categories of features as this will help you tell whether they are organized in their control panel design or not.

Website Statistics

An ideal web host should give you on-demand statistical tool to help you track the status and performance of your website. Some web hosting services give you statistics for free, but others require you to pay an additional fee before gaining access to certain pertinent website information. Some of the statistics you should get for free include disk space usage, the number of sub-domains you have, and the SQL databases that you have set up.

Shopping Carts

If your business involves selling products on the web, one of the features you cannot do without are ecommerce tools. Some hosts have an integrated shopping cart program while others give you the leeway to use third party applications such as PayPal, ZenCart, and CubeCart. It helps if you have lots of options where you pick the solution that is well suited for your business.

24/7 Customer Support

Technical difficulties may arise in the course of operating your website and you will need a backup. This is where technical support from your host really counts. Check to see if your web host has tech support reps available all throughout the day and night 7 days a week. Live chat and speedy email support will get you sorted within a short time of reporting a problem.

Other features to look out for include 1-click app installs, unlimited mailboxes, and advertising credits.

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