Marketing is the engine of business growth and development. Without an effective marketing team, the expansion and profitability of a business can be greatly affected. By design, some companies particularly startups have lean marketing teams so as to reduce on direct staffing costs.

The greatest challenge businesses normally have is whether to develop an internal marketing team or hire an external marketing agency to help them in executing their marketing and promotional strategies.

Hiring independent marketing agencies is one of the most popular options for business leaders because of the perceived expertise of these agencies in a particular business niche or industry. Agencies are also frequently hired for their exceptional ability to execute specific marketing activities.

External Agencies

When you decide to hire external agencies to manage your marketing activities, you must establish a relationship structure you will use when dealing with them. The best way to collaborate with an agency is to hand over a specific goal and task, let them manage it, build it and own it.

Hiring agencies to fix your marketing problems is not what you want to do. Agencies usually have experience within specific industries which is great, but you require someone to spearhead the direction for execution. The downside to agencies is they offer cookie cutter solutions because they deal with lots of clients and may not be able to develop customized approaches for their clients.

External Focused Teams/Freelancers/Experts

As opposed to external agencies, hiring external focused teams and experts will give you the benefit of professional advice and visionary leadership of your company’s marketing goals. The team will provide you with guidance, approvals and directions on the best route to follow. The only problem with this is finding such a specialized team is difficult because most talent gets sucked up within larger companies.

However, the best way is to put marketers to the test so as to sift the best from the rest. A true professional marketer understands the roadmap that will help you accomplish your set goals.


Go for quality instead of quantity because a huge marketing team may seem busy but deliver less compared to a carefully selected team of marketers.

Internal Teams

An effective internal marketing team can be the answer to your long term growth as a company depending on how well you build this team. Apart from team organization, you need to equip your internal staff with project management skills that will help them keep focused on the management of your campaigns and championing the true vision of your brand.

One of the limiting factors with internal marketing teams is the leadership. Some businesses appoint non-technical marketers to manage a vibrant team of innovative marketers. This jeopardizes the growth and productivity of the marketing arm.

To nurture great marketers within your business, you need to provide a platform for self-discovery and creative problem solving opportunities. When you train your marketing staff regularly, they will gain a high level understanding of what is taking place within the business and maintain their focus on the bigger picture. They will also be instrumental in assisting the external marketing whenever you decide to hire to boost your internal team.

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