Search engine optimization is a discipline that has a combination of different strategies and activities. You require constant monitoring, adjustments, and regular campaign changes if you are to succeed in this field. With time, search engines and their algorithms evolve and this means your SEO campaign whether carried out by a marketing company or in-house, has to change also to accommodate the new elements.

Failure to adjust and adapt means that being consistently on the top of rankings is a challenge. Different companies require different strategies to succeed in SEO. This is why there are 3 options you have as a business owner to get your SEO done.

Do It Yourself

If you have the time and the drive, you can learn SEO on your own and familiarize yourself with the quality guidelines issued by Google. When done well, DIY SEO can create a better opportunity for your business to show up in organic search engine results.

Many of the theories and SEO principles put forward are quite easy to understand, but the fine details and application can be a challenge. There are lots of resources available through which you can learn SEO all by yourself. If your website is not too big and your traffic level hasn’t reached the overwhelming stage as yet, you can roll out your campaign and manage it efficiently.

Some of the skills you will need include competitive analysis, link building, advertising, data mining, writing, social media, and web metrics.

Hiring an Agency

This is the second option you have in running your SEO campaign. If you are not quite sure whether you have the tools and the skills to run an effective campaign, hiring an SEO company can be a good idea. The advantage is that you will have access to a team of qualified SEO experts who will get the ball rolling quickly.

The agency will review your site for quality content, recommend changes where necessary, review potential issues such as error pages, hosting and redirects, start tracking your rankings and traffic, and research the market for effective keywords.

The question of whether agencies fully understand your business like you do often arises when hiring agencies. However, the experience these experts have built over time can easily be integrated into your SEO work for outstanding results.

If you already have an in-house marketing team, hiring an agency can help compliment your team.

In-House Specialists

This is the third option you have after DIY and SEO agencies. Having an in-house SEO department can be advantageous because you get the opportunity to closely monitor them. There is also the flexibility and response to changing needs which is absolutely critical for high competitive environments.

There are of course costs of having an in-house team because they are full time employees and as an employer you will have obligations towards this team.

The way forward especially for small businesses is to first set your goals and assess your current marketing budget. It is recommended that you hire a digital agency to help you organize your online marketing and SEO work. In this way, you will be set on the right path from the word go.


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